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Click the "Apply to Guild" link to apply to the community. As a community, we don't necessarily invest all of our time in one game, although you as a player have the choice to do that. We are here to provide a fun environment to game with like-minded players. Teamspeak and the forums are provided to communicate regardless of what game you are playing.
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re: App: Malekf

The application submitted by Malekf is as follows:

Name : Malek
Game : ArcheAge
Server : Tahyang
Level : 26
Gender : Male
Race : Nuian
Class : Outrider

We do not have a minimum age, but we do have a maturity requirment.

What is your name and your in game name?:

What time zone do you live in? Ex: MST (-7), or CST (-5):

About how many hours a week do you game?:
Fluctuates so much, can range from 30 mins a night to several hours a day.

What is your age?:

What do you want to achieve within Obsidia?:
Make friends and have fun

Do you have any skills you can bring to Obsidia? (Web Design, Graphic Design, ect.):
Nothing relevant. :S

Do you have a working mic?:

Do you promise to be active on the forums and in teamspeak when available?:

Do you agree to follow the guild charter?:

Do you promise to help Obsidia grow and thrive?:

Please list any previous guilds or affiliations.:
None on ArcheAge.

You come across a trade pack, sitting on the ground and free to pick up. The owners name is still on it. What do you do?:
Leave it I guess.

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